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Ignited-brains is a Trust which is established to help Students from all strata of society to get high quality education. We have been collaborating and organizing several programs and Initiatives for promoting the education. Our  trust will undertake works related to research, training, collaboration, marketing, workshop, seminars, conferences and educational exchange programmes. We also undertake and organize activities to support the vision and mission of our Trust which is to promote education amongst various countries to promote educational equities and exchange of knowledge and research among various countries and also to impart education to the people who can not afford the education


• Our objective is to Impart education to every strata of society including those who can not afford education. Education should be considered a fundamental right of every human being

• We facilitate educational collaboration and tie ups among various International universities which includes educational exchange programs for students, Exchange of faculities, Cross cultural exchange programs, twinning programmes with dual certification etc

• We also undertake various marketing and admission related activities on behalf of various universities in India and its neighbouring countries.  Indian office functions as a Marketing hub on behalf of Global universities

• We will also carry out the branding activities on behalf of educational Institutions

• We also assess the ranking and quality of various schools, colleges and Universities and thereafter award them on the basis of eligibility parameters

Our Offerings

Branding of colleges and universities

Every Organisation needs its branding and once branding is created, the loyalty of the customers towards organization become an unending process. Through our experts, we create the brand name for your organization resulting in the spontaneous growth of loyal customers. Be it Schools, colleges, universities or corporate houses branding has become must for survival.

Joint Ventures, Collaboration and Tieups

We negotiate and establish joint ventures and collaborations in the field of Education & Industry. The entire world has become one large village due to globalization. Therefore, joint ventures and collaborations have become the need of the hour. Our team of experts facilitate it.

Counselling and recruitment of students

With the help of our experienced marketing team, we recruit the students for national and international educational institutions. Our team is professionally qualified for this task.

Training and development programms

We undertake to execute training and development programs in Education & Corporate Sectors. We undertake to execute personality development programs, motivational programs & faculty development programs. We continue upgrading these modules as per industry specific needs.

Student educational trips and dual CERTIFICATION

The Institutions cannot survive in isolation. Networking, learning through cross cultural exposures and for updating the knowledge and the latest developments in innovations, the educational trips and exchange programs with dual certifications become necessary

Our Educational Trips


Educational Trip to Germany


Educational Trip to Switzerland


Educational Trip to USA


Educational Trip to London


Educational Trip to UAE


Changing your mind and changing world

mahesh gandhi (india)

Professor Gandhi is President and co-founder of Ignited-Brains and is a renowned Academician, an Academic Administrator and expert in Regulatory Procedures and Processes. Apart from it, he has got rich experience and expertise in establishing Educational Institutions, marketing & recruitment of students, enabling the Institutions to generate handsome revenues to sustain. Prof. Gandhi has extensively travelled to all over the world. His motive is enable cross border global education by partnering with universities and imparting education which is needed in the age of digitalization and globalization


Changing your mind and changing world

deepika malik (uae)

Changing your mind and changing world
chairman-eaton business school uk

prasenjit Singh (uk)

Changing your mind and changing world
director-mewar university

kumar rajesh (india)

Changing your mind and changing world
Director intuit

naveen kapoor (usa)

Changing your mind and changing world
managing director-ConVista consulting

shashank jain (germany)

Changing your mind and changing world
Chartered accountant

Deepak thakkar

Changing your mind and changing world

Pawan Sharma

Changing your mind and changing world

H.L Passi


Authorized and Exclusive Representative on behalf of Janki Medical college for MBBS Admissions in India. For admissions please contact Delhi office (+91 989966816)  and West India (+91 9601299603) and North India (+91 9650594968)

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